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seedlings update

today i separated doll self crossed seedlings and transplanted them in ground.these are one and half a year old now.seedlings looks healthy and in good shape.i am hopeful that few of these will...

mums 0


chrysanthemums which are sometime called mums  are beautiful perennial flowering plant which blooms in late fall and early winter.mums enchants the dull and cold days of winter.they come in countless colors and shapes.few are...


how to make compost

Composting…. Compost is a natural fertilizer which is a byproduct of your gardening hobby… Compost is formed when micro-organisms break down Garden waste , Compost therefore consists solely of organic material. in nature compost...


Gardening and Monsoon

after severe heat and dry weather when monsoon arrives in subcontinent every one takes a sigh of relief.monsoon is sign of revival and new birth…although in Pakistan monsoon is not that much heavy like...

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