Daily Archive: March 30, 2018


Ornithogalum dubium

a delicate beauty from Africa with the brilliant orange blooms is known as Ornithogalum dubium. Commonly called star of Bethlehem, orange star flower, snake flower or chincherinchee.The plant grows up to a foot tall...


Hippeastrum Exotica Self cross.

Hippeastrum exotica is a beautiful apricot color amaryllis.blooms reliably and is very fertile.in 2015 i tried to pollinate it and i was successful.as a result i got 4 healthy seedpods loaded with healthy and...


Hippeastrum ‘Naranja’

big,bold,bright,elegant all qualities in one bulb and that is Naranja. it is sharp orange perfectly shaped amaryllis which blooms in clusters and make a prominent place in other hippies. multiplies very fast and accepts...

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