Care for bulbs…


Note: Fall-plantation and Spring-flowering bulbs.

the planting season of these bulbs is September but they can be planted from October to December and some varieties could be planted in January too. As we all know from last few years weathers/Climate are changing dramatically which has significantly affected the life cycle of all kind of plants
an your season first and then purchase accordingly, plantation time could also differ from city to city


Always purchase bulbs from a reputable source/vendor, bulbs should be big/ flowering size so that they would flower in the same year or if the bulbs are small in size then they might flower in the following year of plantation (bulbs size varies according to variety, not all bulb-plants have same size), check bulbs before you plant them, bulbs should be firm and solid


Take one part garden soil, one part sand and one part Gobar Khad/cow dung, (Gobar
Khad/Cow Dung should be properly dried like rock solid and black in color), if bhal (soil from river bed) is available then two part bhal and one part gobar khad would do the job, add hand full of DAP in each pot,if you want to add more items like compost,coco peat,perlite,vermiculite,patoon ke khad (leaf compost),peat moss or any other medium then it is your own chice other wise the above mentioned mix is good for plants to grow healthy.

While selecting a pot for the plants keep few things in your mind, don’t buy odd shape
cemented or plastic pots, the best pots are clay pots, and always buy V shaaped pots,minimum recommended size is 12″ to 14″ pot, if you want to have other kind
of pots then you may use them as planters.
While preparing the pot, don’t fully cover the bottom hole of the pot, because good drainage is essential for bulb plants or they get rot..

please read my article on Container gardening for more information.


Most of the bulbs could be planted 3″ deep from the top of the bulb, as a rule of thumb smaller the bulb shallow the plantation and bigger the bulb deeper the plantation, but in some cases this is false, like Amaryllis is always planted just below the soil with neck exposed and amaryllis is among the biggest bulbs of bulb family.
(Please Note: in some case plantation depth could be different.)


After plantation water generously for the first time and then wait for the sign of growth, if it doesn’t show any growth and the pot gets too dry then add a little water (just to avoid dryness) to it, when it shows green tip, start proper watering, as a rule of thumb water your plant when top 1 inch soil is dry or as per need.
Please Note: not all the bulb plants take exactly same time to start growth; it varies from bulb to bulb


Now place the pot in a semi shade till sprouting, once sprouted they need at least 6 to 8 hoursof morning sunlight.
When the bulb start its growth feed it with fertilizer having macro and micro nutrients
i personally use water soluble N:P:K 20:20:20 with Trace Elements, easily available at local gardening shops or agriculture stores. I use 1 table spoon in 5 liter of water and apply foliar spray on weekly basis


When it start forming buds stop fertilizing let it bloom, after blooming finished reduce watering,when it start turning yellow stop watering it or the bulbs get rot.
(Please Note: not all the plants get totally dormant, some verities doesn’t get yellow/dry or wipe out of surface, they just get half dormant and just stop growing during dormancy period)


Once completely dry, dig it out, separate the mother bulb from bulblets if possible, dust them of.wash them with anti rotting and fungicide if possible, if not available then add a table spoon washing bleach in one liter of water and wash these bulbs in that compound .dry them in shade.once completely dried, put them in paper bag or cardboard box with some holes in it and store them in dark cool place for the following year
(Please Note: doesn’t apply to all bulbs, ask vendor if it require storing because in some cases bulbs need to remain in soil during off season/dormancy.

Note: This article is by Hamad Tasadaq a seasonal gardener and flowering bulbs vendor.he himself is an expert gardener first grows bulbs himself then recommends for customers.

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