what is blooming now

dutch iris
dutch iris is a beautiful and faithful bulbous plant which blooms regularly in early spring and multiplies very fast.it gives best impact if grown in clumps in ground.it dont like to be pot bound..so it is not suitable for pots as it randomly bloom in pots.it dies back in April for summer dormancy and reappear in October.it is strange that it is called dutch iris but it never grew wild in Holland. infact it is

seedlings update

Posted by Hammad Kisana on January 8, 2019
today i separated H.baby doll self crossed seedlings and transplanted them in ground.these are one and half a year old now.seedlings looks healthy and in good shape.i am hopeful that few of these will bloom in 2020.H baby doll is a pretty miniature amaryllis which blooms profusely each year and produces a lot of offsets.bloom shape is perfect and it takes pollen very easily.this year again i have crossed it with many other varieties and


Posted by Hammad Kisana on December 16, 2018
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chrysanthemums which are sometime called mums  are beautiful perennial flowering plant which blooms in late fall and early winter.mums enchants the dull and cold days of winter.they come in countless colors and shapes.few are tall varieties and others dwarf.mums are also used as cut flower as they continue their shape ,size and color for months .newly introduced multi flora chrysanthemums are gaining popularity rapidly because they bloom two time in a year,first in fall and
September is the month when temperature comes down in plain areas of Punjab, Pakistan.in September gardeners take a sigh of relief after a long spell of dry heat in may,June and wet spell in July,august .cool breeze starts blowing in morning and evening times.seeds start sprouting.gardens and plants rejuvenate and preparation of soil,pots start for upcoming winter and then spring.after half September when temperature downs significantly i start clearing my flower beds and vegetable patches from

how to make compost

Posted by Hammad Kisana on July 29, 2018
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Composting…. Compost is a natural fertilizer which is a byproduct of your gardening hobby… Compost is formed when micro-organisms break down Garden waste , Compost therefore consists solely of organic material. in nature compost is found under trees in thick and wet forests. It is also called black gold due to its enormous uses in gardening. Fully prepared compost emits a smell which is like the smell we feel in thick forests. When I collect
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