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Botanical Name Hippeastrum “Chico’ Common Name (Variety) Cybister Chico Color red-green mixed Flower Shape Single spider shape Height 20″- 26″ Fragrance  No Growing Season Spring to fall Chico is a spider shaped amaryllis which is said that it is very similar to original cybister.cybisters are unique and special due to their shape and color.they are always on top in wish list of amaryllis lovers.cybisters are are very different in shape and design from other hippeastrums…hippeastrum
Amaryllis is very rewarding bulbous plant it blooms in spring with big,bold and colorful blooms.in previous years hippeastrum is extensively hybridized between hippeastrum species which resulted in beautiful hybrids of present day.due to extensive hybridization these hybrids are very different from their parent species bulbs.these are big in size with different colors ranging from solid colors to stripes and dotted ..few hybrids are spider shape…all this is possible with pollination and seeds which gives us
May is first month of summer in Pakistan. temperature starts to rise suddenly in this month.this year first two week were moderate temperature wise due to western disturbance which gave a few rain spells in whole country. temperature remained round 35 degree Celsius at day time and round 22 to 25 at night time.now in last decade suddenly temperature stared to rise and it is predicted around 40 degree Celsius to 43 in coming days.it
tres chic
will my amaryllis bulb rebloom….answer is yes…by adopting these simple steps you will get beautiful blooms each year…brief description of amaryllis Amaryllis ( Hippeastrum ) is a subtropical bulb (zone 8-10) usually grown as a houseplant. The bulb is usually on sale in October till December (some bulbs are sold till April) So it’s ready to bloom for Christmas. However, it is not his natural flowering season for amaryllis, in our region it blooms normally
amaryllis double dragon is a true fully double amaryllis.dark red color and huge size make it a real dragon.it is very pretty indeed.with 8 inch size and upward facing double bloom its breath taking and brilliant.four flowers on single stem is common and big size mature bulbs send two to three stems.it is very fast grower.flower stalk is very strong and sturdy.flower damages in direct sunlight due to red color so it is better to
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