iris is a genus of flowering plants which contains almost 300 is widely spread plant and grows in many parts of world. it derives its name from Greek word rainbow which is the name of a goddess in Greek mythology.few botanists have theory that it is called iris because it is found in a lot of colors so so due to diverse coloring word iris (rainbow) is adopted.few type of iris are indigenous in Pakistan as Iris Kashmiriana a white fragrant iris which is found in northern areas of is a common scene in hilly areas of Pakistan when it blooms in March. Louisiana irises grow very well in semi tropical tropical areas of Pakistan like Lahore ,Islamabad and Karachi . many hobyest gardeners are growing bearded irises successfully especially in hilly areas like Abbot Abad previous years i have collected few types of iris which are successfully growing with this page i will give a short description of irises which i have.

Dutch Iris (Iris × hollandica)

Louisiana Iris

Bearded Iris

Iris Kashmiriana

Walking Iris (Neomarica)

Yellow Walking Iris (Trimezia martinicensis)

iris pseudacorus
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